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Energy Saving Precision Tune Up Service Agreement Summary, Explanation of Benefits & Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Saving Precision Tune Up Service Agreement Includes:
Two scheduled inspections on equipment listed on the equipment inventory list provided by us upon the first inspection.

1) Major Precision Tune Up & Energy Saving Inspections: Required maintenance to prepare the systems for the next peak use season.

a. Spring Start-Up-Supply all labor and services for Air Conditioning Equipment
b. Fall Start-Up-Supply all labor and services for Heating Equipment

2) Free Unlimited Diagnostic Service: For the first 1/2 hour during normal working hours on all your air conditioning, heating, refrigeration or ice equipment.
3) Emergency Service Labor: To perform service between inspections in accordance with exclusions as noted in Service Agreement Exclusions.

Scope of Work:
Use nationally certified NATE* state licensed master technicians employed or supervised by AAA Sub Zero, Et al. Primary technicians will be trained and assigned to provide for normal maintenance and repairs at your facility. Additional technicians, as required, will be fully trained to provide back-up support.

We shall provide an efficiently managed highly effective maintenance program which emphasized preventive and corrective maintenance. We shall provide prompt response to any and all unscheduled failures or interruptions in system or equipment function. We shall, as a result of our inspection of equipment, expeditiously repair or replace all defective components necessary to restore operation of your air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ice equipment.

All of the manufacturer's maintenance services recommended for the equipment will be provided.

Free labor costs to provide a complete air filter maintenance program on each scheduled inspection.

Free labor and material costs to providee one belt change assembly where necessary on all air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ince equipment during each scheduled inspection.

Each individual piece of equipment listed in this agreement shall be deemed in good condition, after our initial inspection before it will be covered under this agreement. We will not assume any responsibility for repairs for substantial pre-existing conditions. Any work necessary to bring this equipment up to good condition.

Contract Excludes:
1) Parts, Materials & Labor (Over the first half for diagnostic during normal working hours) for ALL service calls between programmed inspections.
2) Cabinet, ductwork, insulation, gauges or thermometers.
3) Repairs necessary due to mold, fungus, or deterioration due to environmental condition.

1) Peace of mind* Occupant Comfort
2) Reduce cooling cost by Approx. 10-20%
3) Improve efficiency 21%
4) Add 1 to 8 years to Equipment Life
5) Improve Capacity 25%
6) Inflation Proof * Priority Customer Treatment
7) Agreement is transferable
8) 24 Hour emergency service is available 365 days a year
9) All of your equipment is serviced by our nationally certified and licensed technicians

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